Friday, April 23, 2010

Paper Art

I'm in a rut lately, couldn't find any inspiration for a new sculpture. So it's time to do something different for a change: cut paper art.

I think I may have discovered a new hobby!

This little monster is the first one that I made. I know, it's like I'm forever living in Halloween town.

What's with all these demons and monsters?

When I'm having a bad time, those nasty voices in my head become really loud. There are times I can block them out completely. But there are times I just can't do a thing about them. These are the voices that tell me that my art is not good enough, I'm fat and useless...etc. You get the picture. A time like this gives me the urge to create demons and monsters in my's kind of like a form of "exorcism" for me.

And there are times when I just feel like creating funky creatures for the fun of it (I suspect deep down inside, there's a part of me who is a video game designer wanna-be).

Lastly, I need to figure out a way to get some of these designs on a t-shirt!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Artist Trading Card

I seem to be taking a lot of breaks from sculpting lately. Oh well, I just feel like doing something different. It's good for exercising creativity and stuff.

These three cards are my first ATC in ages. I used pictures that I drew and also picture of my sculpture.


Made this sculpture a couple of weeks ago, as a companion piece to my Hyakki Yako. The inspiration for this work actually came from this particular post from one of my favorite blogs, More Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan.

Instead of demons, this piece has Jizo buddhas and children playing under the tree. It's the opposite of Hyakki Yako. I like the idea of Jizo buddha. He is the protector of women, children and travelers (in the physical realm and spiritual realm).

I put a fox here next to the Jizo. Again, playing with the idea of a spiritual guardian.

And here are the two sculptures, side by side, for comparison. I like to expand this idea, of making a group of sculptures that are related to each other, and they interact with each other when they are together.