Monday, March 15, 2010

Hyakki Yako

I'm back to sculpting after taking 3 weeks off from it. This time I'm playing with the idea of Hyakki Yako (the Chinese call it bai gui ye xing: a hundred demons moving in the night), which means pandemonium.

I worked pretty much all day on Saturday. I love how the sculpture looked in the light of the setting sun.

I spent a few more hours on Sunday to finish the sculpture. I think this sculpture took me over 10 hours to complete.

I'm quite proud of my nose. I mean the nose on this sculpture, I think I have improved a lot :)

There are 7 demons hanging out under the tree.

My favorite demon is that happy little guy sitting on the bottom left.

I kind of like this triceratops-inspired demon too.

It was fun coming up with all those ideas for demons. I think I will have to make more demons to accompany this piece.