Monday, January 25, 2010

Dreams and Demons (the sculpture)

Started building this sculpture over the weekend. I discovered that coil building is the technique that works the best for me.

This sculpture is about someone who isn't careful, and let his/her dreams and demons go out of control.

Here's a demon.

A ghost.

And this skeleton dude hangs out at the back of the head.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dreams and Demons

This week has been unbelievably good for me. I managed to make art everyday since Sunday! What an excellent way to start the new year.

So what do I wish for this new year? I wish to be more adventurous. Meaning, I would like my drawing and sculpting to interact with each other. I'd love it if they both could get together and produce some interesting off springs. Let's pray for lots of good things to happen between these two.

This week I did a lot of drawings. This one full drawing is actually an idea for a sculpture. I call it Dreams and Demons (see the dreams and demons crawling out of the person's head).

I bet these demons/creatures are fun to sculpt. I can hardly wait to start on them.

Besides drawing I also painted a couple of my sculptures. I love using oil paint.

I've had a productive week. It's awesome!