Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another day in the studio

Went to the studio yesterday morning. I was very glad to see that Olgar came out of the kiln looking as good as I had hoped.

Take a closer look at that horn. Didn't turn out as black as I wanted, but I like the interaction between Tennmoku (black) and cranberry red.

Then, I spent some time glazing another sculpture. After that I was pretty tired and uninspired. Still, I sat down and sculpted this new piece here. Like I said, I wasn't very inspired when I was working on this piece, but a couple of ladies came by and they seemed to be impressed. I had a nice little chat with them. One of them thought the face I sculpted looks like her nephew. After they left, I started thinking, what good is my art if it can't make people happy? So there it was, the motivation that I needed to continue working on this piece.

And we all love those curvy little lips on this sculpture.

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