Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Got Shadow?

This is what happened this afternoon:
1. Had a strong cup of coffee (Dark as night, sweet as sin- Anansi Boys, Neil Gaiman).
2. Played some Persona 4 (great game, by the way).
3. Listened to some Larc-en-cial.

Maybe it was the coffee, or the game, or the music, I suddenly had this question in my head : What would my shadow be like in the world of Persona?

What do I mean by shadow? Well, in Persona 4, the characters enter a strange world where they encounter their own "shadows" which are born out of the characters' repressed emotion.

In the world of Persona, I think my shadow would be a very spoiled brat. I originally wanted my shadow to use a gigantic lollipop as weapon, but claws and spikes are easier to draw. *Giggles* but a gigantic lollipop would be so funny!

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